Tripple Gee is a provider of secure cheque printing for the banking and financial sectors. We are the first non-government affiliated cheque printers. Our reputation amongst financial services companies in Nigeria is unparalleled.

Our flexible order requirements ensure we are able to supply both the large banks and small micro-finance banks without compromising on quality and customer service.

We ensure that your instruments meet the NICPAS Standards at all times; we are on hand to help your branding team satisfy all technical and corporate image requirements, while achieving compliance with the standards.
We offer:

  • Personal cheques – (Individual cheques)
  • Corporate cheques
  • Manager’s cheques – (Bank cheques)
  • Flowline cheques – (Continuous sheet cheques)
  • Co-branded cheques for MFBs and corporate bodies through their Bankers.

We offer the under listed mandatory and optional security features for Nigerian cheques.

Features & Elements
Aquafuge ink Mandatory  
Solvent Sensitive ink Mandatory  
Invisible UV fluorescent ink Mandatory
Tri-Thermochromic ink Mandatory  
Penetrating Ink Mandatory  
CBS1 watermark paper Mandatory
Microtext in security tablet elements Mandatory  
Hologram Optional  
QR code Optional
CBN NICPAS vs2 Cheque Features

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